# JSX/TSX - Custom content render

It is called JSX, and it is a syntax extension to JavaScript. We strongly recommend to use it during template rendering. It'll simplify your life a lot.

Probably you always associated it with React, but it's not. It is just a way to render things. You can add it to any project you like.

We are using it in all projects, it makes things easier. For example this is regular column header rendering with createElement:

const columnTemplate = (createElement, column) => {
    return createElement('span', {
      style: {
        color: 'red'
    }, createElement('div', {
        class: 'me'
    }, column.name));
const columns = [{
  name: 'Person name',
  prop: 'name',

Imagine what will happened if you have 10 children nodes and more. And now let's make it with JSX or TSX.

Let's create myJsx.jsx file:

export const myTemplate = (h, column) => {
    return <span style={{color: 'red'}}><div class="me">{column.name}</div></span>;

Then in our main file:

import { myTemplate } from "./myJsx";
const columns = [{
  name: 'Person name',
  prop: 'name',
  columnTemplate: myTemplate

Quite simple, right?

Check sample (opens new window). We use here babel-jsx with minimal config settings.