# Quick start

RevoGrid provide advanced wrapper for Svelte based on stenciljs svelte adapter (opens new window).
Just import it to your project and it can be used as part of react system.


If you are using npm modules don't forget to import and define custom component defineCustomElements as part of environment

With NPM:

npm i @revolist/svelte-datagrid --save;

With Yarn:

yarn add @revolist/svelte-datagrid;
import {RevoGrid} from '../dist/revogrid';
import {defineCustomElements} from '@revolist/revogrid/loader';

let source;
let headers;

// define webcomponent element in DOM
defineCustomElements().then(() => {
  // then apply data or rerender
  source = [{
      prop: "name",
      name: "First",
      prop: "details",
      name: "Second",
  headers = [{
    name: "1",
    details: "Item 1",

<RevoGrid source={source} resize="true" columns={headers} theme="material"/>

Check Sandbox (opens new window) for real live sample.