# Export to file

# Overview

With revo-grid starting from version 2.1.0 you can export data to file. Currently only csv file format supported.

For plugin access you need:

  • Setup exporting option on revo-grid to true:
<revo-grid exporting="true"/>
  • Access export plugin from plugin list:
const grid = document.querySelector('revo-grid');
grid.getPlugins().then(plugins => {
 plugins.forEach(p => {
   if (p.exportFile) {
       const exportPlugin = p;
       exportPlugin.exportFile({  filename: 'new file' });

# Public methods

There are next methods available in export plugin and options object as FormatterOptions:

  • exportFile(options) - download file;
  • exportBlob(options) - export Blob object;
  • exportString(options) - get data string.

# Options

General options are available for export:

type FormatterOptions = {
  mime: string; // text/csv
  encoding: string;
  fileKind: string; // csv
  bom: boolean;
  columnDelimiter: string; // ','
  rowDelimiter: string; // '\r\n'
  filename?: string;


For the latest information it's recommended to read export-plugin (opens new window) file for better understanding of parameters and options.